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How Much Planning Is Too Much?

Connor with Pack

In April of 2013, I emailed the link to a London vacation rental to my husband, Duncan, while he was out having lunch. We’d previously discussed, rather vaguely, a trip to London for the summer of 2015. Duncan mentioned the rental to my son, who said “Aren’t we going there in, like, two years?” Then, “Is that normal?”

It isn’t the first time my son has questioned my sanity (and it won’t be the last) and Read more

What Not To Do On Vacation

Three days in Madrid. Four people whose ages, energy levels, and interests vary wildly. A deep seated hatred for the word “bored”. How could we pull this off without someone feeling shortchanged? I was gripped by a vision of myself and my husband dragging our kids, attention spans long expired, through steeply priced art museums, self-consciously avoiding the judgmental glares of kid-free passersby. No, not my most optimistic moment.

We knew we didn’t want to be tethered to a schedule in Read more