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Disneyland — Tips for the Reluctant

Jada and Mom at Disney
It’s final – we’re taking the kids to Disneyland. It won’t be the first time for our family, but the kids are now 10 and 14. With one tween and one full-fledged teen, Duncan and I feel the need to go while Read more

Biking the Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge from below
Biking the 8-mile route across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito was the highlight of a weeklong late September girl’s getaway with my sister, Shelagh. I hesitated when, weeks before the trip, she suggested the ride, but stubborn pride trumped a paralyzing fear of heights, and I agreed to go.
Fast forward to Read more

The Hyatt Regency Maui: Don’t let the penguins fool you…

2012_04_12_18_10It was 2007 and our ten-year wedding anniversary rapidly approached. The past seven years had been a blur of diapers, baby wipes, and cracker strewn strollers, with family visits to Canada dominating our travel itinerary. The thought of trying to plan (and live up to) the perfect anniversary vacation left us a bit weary. We took the plunge anyway Read more

Can I Feel Good About Flying After Malaysia Air Flight 370?

Up in the air
The disappearance of Malaysia Air flight 370 scares me. Although we don’t yet know what took place, clearly something went terribly wrong. Statistically, a drive to the local supermarket is much more dangerous than any flight on a commercial airliner. Meant to be reassuring, this nugget of logical reasoning just leaves me antsy about both flying and driving. What I find most unsettling Read more

How Much Planning Is Too Much?

Connor with Pack

In April of 2013, I emailed the link to a London vacation rental to my husband, Duncan, while he was out having lunch. We’d previously discussed, rather vaguely, a trip to London for the summer of 2015. Duncan mentioned the rental to my son, who said “Aren’t we going there in, like, two years?” Then, “Is that normal?”

It isn’t the first time my son has questioned my sanity (and it won’t be the last) and Read more

Cultivating Gratitude While on the Road

IMG_5819Gratitude has always come more easily to me when I’m away from my usual surroundings. I find myself acutely aware of my environment – the crackle of leaves underfoot, brightly colored tiles set in cobblestone, or fresh croissants wafting from a nearby bakery.

The effect lasts for a little while after my return. Home seems somehow cozier, and Read more