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Seattle Boat Share

View of Seattle from the water
Study a map of northern Manitoba, where I grew up, and you’ll see nothing but a tangle of interconnected lakes snaking all the way up to hulking Hudson Bay. Water has always been comforting to me, and anytime I’m near it, I feel a sense of home. That said, boat ownership has always been daunting. They’re large, they’re expensive, they require regular maintenance. And unlike a car, they’re foreign territory for me. Yes, although I grew up around lakes, we weren’t a boating family, so my experience with boats was limited to invitations from friends. Read more

Fremont – Center of the Universe

Located alongside the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle, the neighborhood of Fremont has a decidedly funky vibe. Duncan and I were fortunate enough Read more

Embracing the Burbs

Soul Food BooksAs I drive down the narrow road stretching into English Hill, I struggle to stay below its staggeringly low speed limit. Arcing branches on towering evergreens stretch across the road in an apparent attempt to obliterate the sky in this Redmond, Washington neighborhood. These dark green tunnels, common in the Pacific Northwest, felt claustrophobic twelve years ago when I moved to Redmond from the wide open spaces of Winnipeg, Canada.

English Hill sections off its spacious homes and well-tended lawns into areas with names like “Coventry” and “Sheffield.” Its emergence in the 1980s was Read more

Enlightenment in a Bowl? Thrive Café

ThriveCafeI don’t always eat vegetarian at restaurants, but when I do, I’d prefer that it be honest with me. Typical vegetarian fare can be shifty— quinoa tucked slyly into a soy-based “meatloaf” and chickpeas lurking in a faux “chicken burger” patty. Delicious as these dishes can be, I find myself craving veggies and grains in their natural form. So after checking out their menu online, I was eager Read more