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Historic Stone Street, New York City

IMG_9688The best meal I’ve had in Manhattan was a plate of cauliflower. There, I’ve said it.

I don’t mean to disparage the New York dining scene. We had consistently great food at restaurants all over the city. This particular plate of cauliflower was just that good. It was part of the appetizer menu at The Growler Bites and Brews (they had Duncan at Growler).

CauliflowerWe’d been navigating our West Coast selves around New York City, and had spent several hours shuffling alongside roped-off barriers as part of the massive swarm of tourists visiting Liberty Island that day. Lunch had been recklessly replaced with ice cream bars, so now, back on the southern tip of Manhattan, we needed a solid meal and respite for our throbbing feet.

Fortunately, we stumbled across the restaurants and cafés of historic Stone Street, rumored to be the first ever paved street in New York City. Blocked from traffic, the lively outdoor patios of this former run-down back alley attract not only young singles and flip-flopped tourists, but also pin-striped stockbrokers from nearby Wall Street.

My legendary cauliflower dish was roasted to perfection along with raisins, pine nuts, and pecorino. The mix of raisiny sweetness, crunchy nuttiness, and (best of all) a cheesy sharpness was phenomenal. While my first impulse was to scarf down this culinary marvel, discipline prevailed. I savored each divine bite.


To read more about the history of Stone Street, check out this article from the New York Daily News.

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