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When Your Child Travels Without You

No Striding!

When my son and husband flew to Taiwan to visit my brother-in-law in 2009, my daughter and I stayed behind. We’d decided the long flight would overwhelm my daughter, then 5, and that she’d be so out of sorts that she wouldn’t get much out of the trip. So she and I were granted 10 full days together, and since she was going through a bit of a girly phase then, we indulged in a fit of shamelessly stereotypical baking, crafts, and dress-up.

Diverting as these activities may have been, my thoughts kept drifting back to my 9-year-old son, who was farther away from me than he’d ever been. Replaying in my distracted mind was a horrific vision of his little hand slipping away from my husband’s on an absurdly crowded street. My vision was not reality-based. They were reportedly having a great time.

I know that part of my job as a parent is to help my kids explore, but this was far, far easier when that meant crawling across the living room or digging on a sandy beach. I reminded myself of the reasons I’d wanted him to go in the first place. It became my mantra that week when irrational fear struck. He’s growing up in a global world. Better that we show him how to navigate it. Typhoons are rare. Most car accidents happen within five miles of home. Kind of long for a mantra, I know, but it helped bring me back from the brink.


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