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When Your Child Travels Without You

No Striding!

When my son and husband flew to Taiwan to visit my brother-in-law in 2009, my daughter and I stayed behind. We’d decided the long flight would overwhelm my daughter, then 5, and that she’d be so out of sorts that she wouldn’t get much out of the trip. So she and I were granted 10 full days together, and since she was going through a bit of a girly phase then, we indulged in a fit of shamelessly stereotypical baking, crafts, and dress-up.

Diverting as these activities may have been, my thoughts kept drifting back to Read more

What Not To Do On Vacation

Three days in Madrid. Four people whose ages, energy levels, and interests vary wildly. A deep seated hatred for the word “bored”. How could we pull this off without someone feeling shortchanged? I was gripped by a vision of myself and my husband dragging our kids, attention spans long expired, through steeply priced art museums, self-consciously avoiding the judgmental glares of kid-free passersby. No, not my most optimistic moment.

We knew we didn’t want to be tethered to a schedule in Read more